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5 things about hazmat endorsements you need to know

Sometimes we get questioned about why we include the hazardous materials endorsement in our CDL training classes. It’s simple really: It’s easier to do it while you are training and getting your Commercial Drivers License because there’s a written test and you will have just covered all that material. If you don’t have it, you will be limited in your job options because there are many things in the category of hazardous materials just because of all that is involved in

Truck Driver Training Options To Consider

When you commence truck driver training, there are a number of options available to you. These center around endorsements you may need to consider. Endorsements are additional ‘qualifications’ that are noted on your commercial drivers license. The most common endorsement is the hazardous materials endorsement (also known as a HazMat endorsement). The hazardous materials endorsement is not the only endorsement to consider. The complete list of endorsements contains: T – Double/Triple Trailers Endorsement P – Passenger Endorsement N – Tank Vehicle Endorsement X

Do You Really Need A CDL Hazmat Endorsement?

When training to gain a commercial drivers license (CDL), one of the options available to you is a Hazmat (hazardous materials) endorsement. This is a special endorsement on your license that authorizes you to transport hazardous materials. Many students question the need for this endorsement, the suggestion being they have no intention of transporting hazardous materials. This is where there can be confusion. As a prospective truck driving student, you are probably not aware of what constitutes ‘hazardous materials’. Normal

Truck Driver Endorsements

For many prospective truck drivers, the plan is simply to drive a big rig on the open road. This is a great plan, and for many, this is exactly what they do for their entire careers. For others, there may be a desire for something a bit different. This curiosity for something different can be curbed while still in the trucking industry by attaining Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) endorsements . These endorsements allow

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Once a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) has been earned, there are many different routes a driver can take in his or her job search. There are hundreds of different trucking companies that hire numerous truck drivers for their variety of skills. Many of these positions will require extra truck driver training courses, experience and additional endorsements on the driver’s CDL. With this added training and education, most of these specialized trucking jobs will pay more money

Do You Need A Hazardous Material Endorsement On Your CDL?

When undertaking training for a commercial drivers license, a student has the option of adding several ‘endorsements’ to their license. An ‘endorsement’ is an extension of the license that permits a driver to carry special loads or drive special vehicles. The hazardous materials endorsement (also known as a HazMat endorsement), is required when ever a driver has a hazardous material on board on their truck. Endorsements generally require extra training and require extra work when it comes to acquiring a CDL.

Deciding On Which Commercial Drivers License Endorsements You Need

While a commercial drivers license gives you the authority to drive a truck, there are some vehicles that can only be driven if you have a special endorsement that signifies your training and testing to drive these vehicles. There are also some materials that cannot be transported without a specific endorsement; again, this signifies your training and testing about transporting these materials. When it comes to truck driving, there are four common endorsements that you will need to consider including

The Types Of Trucks You Can Drive With A CDL

Having a CDL (commercial drivers license) opens the door to a lot of different truck driving opportunities. The more endorsements you have on your license, the wider those opportunities become (there’s a hint in that, obtain as many endorsements as you can).  Of course, the wider the opportunities, the wider the range of trucks you can drive. With a CDL, you can drive: Dump Trucks/Trailers Heavy Equipment Trailers Sand & Gravel Trucks Farm Produce Trucks Live Animal Transporters Freight Haulers Tankers Semi Trailers Interstate Rigs That is only a small