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Cement Trucks

Cement Truck Driving – a rewarding challenge

One of the greatest things about a career as a truck driver is that there are endless possibilities to find something you love doing every day. While most people think about long distance haulage when they talk about truck driving, there are many other options, and one that really is very different is cement truck driving. Driving a cement truck, often known as a ready mixer, requires high levels of driving skill, as does any truck driving position, but it

Winter Driving

Winter Driving For Trucks

Talking about winter driving for trucks or semis is not quite as easy as it would seem, as how snow or ice affects you can vary a lot. From the state you are in and the weather you encounter to the type of truck and load, it can all make a difference when it comes to winter driving. However, that problem with defining just what winter driving is, also shows the problem of winter driving itself, and that is unpredictability. When


Professional Truckers Are Ready For Winter Driving

Winter driving is something that needs to be prepared for no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. But drivers of the big trucks have to be ready for much more than most people realize. That’s why Diesel Truck Driver Training School has training dates all year long no matter what kind of weather it is. Driving In Real Time The transportation industry doesn’t stop for a calendar date but it does slow down for severe weather situations. That’s just common

Dump Truck

A Dump Truck or A Rock Truck?

A dump truck is a common sight all over the country, on construction sites of all kinds, dump trucks are used to get rid of unwanted materials, and we are all familiar with them. Large trucks with an open and flat load area for ease of loading on site, especially for the common skid steers, backhoes and excavators. Once loaded, dump trucks deliver material to the required destination and offload, usually through a mechanical process. This can be the entire load

Financing Your Truck Driver Training

If you are looking into starting a career in the truck driving industry, you are making a wise decision. With plenty of jobs available as well as a great income ahead, all you need to do is complete a training course to qualify and receive your CDL. Diesel Truck Driver Training School is a great choice for preparing for your future. If you are worried about how you will finance your schooling, worry no more. There are

Enrolling in Truck Driver Training

Associated Training School has multiple programs available for those interested in entering the field of trucks. Having a CDL is a vital part of becoming a driver and we offer the necessary training to obtain it. If you are looking to begin a new career, look into the training at ATS and get started because you can be working in no time. In order to become an ATS student, there are a few steps to follow. First you need to fill

Diesel Truck Driver Training School & Safety

Truck driving is one of the largest industries in the world today. There are truck drivers that transport nearly every kind of product imaginable. Training is necessary to truly become a qualified driver. Driver’s must ibtain their CDL to gain employment in this field. The most important part of training for this field is learning the ins and outs of safety. It is true that safety is important no matter what type of vehicle you are driving but it is on a

Truck Driving Opportunities In The Oil Fields

It is interesting to note that a number of jobs for truck drivers appeared on our online job site this week. It has prompted me to discuss the role of a truck driver on oil fields, since they are positions that crop up frequently, and they are positions that generally pay quite well. The down side is that some of these positions are located some distance from major towns, however, if you don’t mind small town living, then you’ll

From Loading Dock To Truck Driver In As Little As Two Weeks

There are thousands of people working on loading docks around the country, yet if you talk to many of them, rather than loading trucks, they’d love to be behind the wheel driving one. Loading dock workers actually make great truck drivers. They already have the loading dock routine down pat and they know the paperwork involved with transporting goods – all they need is the truck driver training and an opportunity to prove their worth. That opportunity exists. At Diesel Truck

Access Commercial Drivers License Permit Training For Free

The first step to gaining a full commercial drivers license (CDL) is to obtain a CDL permit. The CDL permit gives you the right to drive a commercial truck on the open roads in order to learn how to drive that truck. The only requirement is that a fully licensed CDL driver is in the cab with you. To obtain your CDL permit, you will need to pass the written tests required to gain a CDL – this means knowing