Acquiring CDL

Acquiring A CDL Course

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a key that opens the door to a rewarding career, and with some care and preparation, you can get yours quickly with just a few steps and a CDL training course. 1. The Medical Before you can start on your journey to a CDL, you need to pass a Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination, performed by a physician certified by the Federal DOT. Proof of this, your federal medical card, will be required

Renewing Or Replacing Your Commercial Drivers License

Each state sets an expiration date for drivers licenses, and that includes commercial drivers licenses. In Wisconsin, the lifespan of a CDL is eight years, after which you will need to seek a renewal. Each renewal has a lifespan of eight years so over a forty year working life, a truck driver will need to renew their license five or six times. Renewing your CDL is a straightforward process, however, you will need to plan ahead, especially if you have

Taking The Stress Out Of Obtaining A CDL

Learning how to drive a commercial truck is an investment that delivers life-long benefits. To drive a truck on the open road requires a license, and the type of license will depend on the type of truck driven. The process of acquiring that license sounds simple – learn the rules and regulations and pass the knowledge tests, and learn to drive a truck then pass the skills test. The reality is not that simple, at least when it comes to

Completing The Right CDL-A Skills Test

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a big investment in both time and money, so it’s important to get it right the first time. Imagine undertaking the training then completing the requirements for your CDL only to find the license itself a useful document when you receive it. It can happen. In fact, it does happen on a regular basis. Why? Because the individual didn’t plan their CDL-A skills tests. When you are issued a CDL, the testing authority will

The Minimum Skill Levels For New Truck Drivers

When undertaking truck driver training it is important to receive the skills that will help you pass the tests required to gain a commercial drivers license whilst also gaining the skills that will make you immediately employable. Learning how to drive forward is a piece of cake. Learning how to reverse is a little more complicated, especially when you have one or more trailers involved. Reversing is a skill that is a must – you’ll be using it everyday, and

A Commercial Drivers License For Non-Truck Drivers

It’s really not that difficult to obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL). You will need to pass several knowledge-based tests, and you will have to pass a practical driving test. If you have a reasonably clean driving record and no major criminal offenses recorded against your name, and you can pass a medical assessment, then you’re the perfect candidate for a commercial drivers license. Whilst gaining experience is important, you don’t have to be a truck driver to have a

CDL With Hazardous Materials Endorsement A Must

If you want a successful truck driving career, then it’s advisable to gain as many CDL endorsements as possible – right from day one. The hazardous materials endorsement is perhaps the most important since the lack of this endorsement could restrict your career. Most people would look at this endorsement as being an unnecessary addition, however, you’d be surprised at the type of materials that are considered ‘hazardous’. Often, the materials are considered hazardous not so much by their nature as

Sometimes It’s The Silly Things That Harm Trucking Careers

Truck driving is one of those careers that doesn’t just rely on what you do on the job. Your non-working time can have a huge impact on your career, sometimes bringing it to an end altogether. Like bus drivers, taxi drivers, airline pilots and ship captains, your ‘license’ to operate can be affected by a wide variety of activities. Consider some of these, and remember, sometimes it’s the silly things that have the potential for great harm. Drugs – both illegal,

Can You Find Your Way Around A Truck?

That may sound like a silly question – we can all find our way around the outside of a truck. However, my question refers more to the various parts of a truck. If I asked you to identify all of the air brake hoses and connections, could you? Terminology is an important of your truck driver training, and that’s particularly true of the parts and equipment found in and on a truck. I am not sure a truck mechanic would appreciate

Trucking Laws Are There For A Reason And They Need To Be Learnt

Like them or hate them, trucking laws are in place for a reason; and to become a truck driver, you have to know them. There is really no escape – you will be tested on your knowledge of these laws, and if you don’t pass, you won’t receive your truck driving permit. That permit is the key that opens the door to learning to drive a truck. Without your truck driving permit, you’re not permitted to drive on a public