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5 Reasons to Choose Diesel Driving School

Diesel Driving School has been in the driver training business since far back 1963 that’s for about or over 50 years. The training school is located at Sun Prairie, WI near Madison WI. Since its establishment, it has made trained and turned individuals into professionals with Commercial Driver’s License and not just that it also helps them obtain the proficient skills required in order to be able to work in any of the largest corporations around the world. Diesel

labor day

Labor Day – why we celebrate

The team here at Diesel Driving School love our business, we get a real kick from training people and helping them achieve their goals and begin that journey to a successful career. Is there anything better than helping someone improve or change their lives? We don’t think so, and that is why Labor Day is a great time to just stop for a minute and think about those that pioneered the way for us to enjoy everything we are blessed

Winter Driving

Winter Driving For Trucks

Talking about winter driving for trucks or semis is not quite as easy as it would seem, as how snow or ice affects you can vary a lot. From the state you are in and the weather you encounter to the type of truck and load, it can all make a difference when it comes to winter driving. However, that problem with defining just what winter driving is, also shows the problem of winter driving itself, and that is unpredictability. When