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Dump Truck

A Dump Truck or A Rock Truck?

A dump truck is a common sight all over the country, on construction sites of all kinds, dump trucks are used to get rid of unwanted materials, and we are all familiar with them. Large trucks with an open and flat load area for ease of loading on site, especially for the common skid steers, backhoes and excavators. Once loaded, dump trucks deliver material to the required destination and offload, usually through a mechanical process. This can be the entire load

Different Trucks Require Different Truck Driver Siklls

Truck drivers are not all the same. Each type of truck has its own set of personal and physical attributes that a driver requires to be effective. When undertaking training to become a truck driver, you need to consider the type of truck that is best suited to you, your current life situation, and the attributes that you can bring to a trucking career. Examples of these attributes include: Long distance driving – long distance drivers need to be able to