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Dump Truck Driving: The Bigger The Truck The Easier It Gets

It may surprise many to learn that the bigger the dump truck, the easier it can be to drive. Take the massive Terex Titan shown below. This is a massive dump truck that is used in mines to cart tons of ore from the mine face. These huge trucks are not designed to drive on the open road; they are designed to carry huge weights and so travel at much slower speeds. Their gearbox arrangements deliver a lot of power

Commercial Trucks An Essential Part Of A Construction Team

Without trucks there would be no construction. We don’t have the wherewithal now to use a horse and cart to transport construction materials. In fact, steel used in many buildings couldn’t be transported with horse and cart, unless you had a team of 100 or more horses working together. The twist is, whilst construction needs trucks and truck drivers, trucks and truck drivers don’t need construction to survive. Trucks are used everywhere today. Whether it’s milk, bread and water, or

Truck Driving Careers In The Construction Industry

When considering a career as a truck driver, most people think of either long distance truck driving or local delivery truck driving.  Truck drivers are required across a number of industries including mining, forestry and agriculture. Construction is another industry that relies heavily on truck drivers. Dump trucks are an obvious example, and they are one of the most frequently seen trucks on a construction site. However, they are not the only trucks. Heavy equipment relies on trucks and truck drivers

What Sort Of Truck Would You Like To Drive?

So you want to be a truck driver. Have you decided on the type of truck you would like to drive? Most students to our truck driver training school arrive with preconceived ideas about the type of truck they would like to drive. Before making a definitive decision, here are some of the different types of truck you could choose to drive. Vans Don’t discount vans. They are not just those small covered vehicles you see zipping around town. Vans come

Dump Truck Driving Careers – Dump Trucks Come In Many Shapes And Sizes

Ask someone to describe a dump truck and they will typically describe a vehicle with a box on the back that can be tipped to empty the contents. They are not wrong since that is the most common type of dump truck in operation. However, like most vehicles in use around the world, dump trucks come in many different shapes and sizes, and some don’t even dump from the rear like a traditional dump truck. If you embark on a career

Are different Types Of Trucks More Difficult To Drive

Is a long distance semi-trailer harder to drive than a local dump truck? Does size really matter when you’re learning to drive a truck? These are interesting questions that are often asked by students during the first days of a truck driver training program. The answer is not as simple as you may think. To say that one is easier than another would be leading you astray as they all have different skill requirements. A semi-trailer driver requires skills associated with

Dump Truck Driver Demand To Increase

One of the unfortunate side effects of the storm season is the amount of damage that has been done across certain areas. I recall reading an article in January that highlighted some of the problems that countries like Australia faced following devastating storms. One of the major problems was finding both the drivers and the dump trucks required to cart away all the debris. We could be facing the same problem here. This is the time of year where construction

The Perfect Trucking Career Has You Home Before The Kids

A trucking career has a lot to offer new recruits. You can drive long distance freight runs, daily intrastate runs, or, for the family oriented, a job that has you out of the house early in the morning but back at home before the kids get home from school. These truck drivers are those that work locally, often in association with the construction industry. The construction industry relies on trucks for a number of task. In fact, it relies on number