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Why Are Some Classes Free?

Sometimes we get asked about the Free CDL Permit Classes we offer. After all, a school that depends on tuition for income to pay the bills is letting a chance for some money slip away by offering a free class — right? Wrong. We think it’s far more important that people be safe on the road. The free classes are really head knowledge: being able to pass the written CDL Permit test. Sometimes a really good driver needs a little

Free CDL Permit Training Classes

Diesel Driving School (DDS) makes it easy with our Free CDL Premit Training Classes! These classes are designed to help you learn what you need to pass your Class-A CDL written exams (General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles). Our professional instructor will discuss the subject matter, answer your questions, go through the CDL manual, and give you sample CDL test questions. This class will greatly improve your chances of passing the CDL written tests. Our next classes will be

Access Commercial Drivers License Permit Training For Free

The first step to gaining a full commercial drivers license (CDL) is to obtain a CDL permit. The CDL permit gives you the right to drive a commercial truck on the open roads in order to learn how to drive that truck. The only requirement is that a fully licensed CDL driver is in the cab with you. To obtain your CDL permit, you will need to pass the written tests required to gain a CDL – this means knowing