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Career Services

There are numerous great truck driver training facilities that can help potential truck drivers achieve their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). But, how does a person find the best program or school? Any one hoping to become a truck driver should do some good research to ensure they find the right school. One important aspect of the school is it must have a career services department that will help drivers locate a job after passing their CDL exam.

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Once a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) has been earned, there are many different routes a driver can take in his or her job search. There are hundreds of different trucking companies that hire numerous truck drivers for their variety of skills. Many of these positions will require extra truck driver training courses, experience and additional endorsements on the driver’s CDL. With this added training and education, most of these specialized trucking jobs will pay more money

Truck Driver Training – Are You Providing The Skills That Employers Are Looking For

Whether we like it or not, employers are now looking to employ individuals who have a range of skills. From the employers perspective, it makes perfect sense – they can utilize these workers where-ever the need is greatest on any given day. Multi-skilled workers can also help to reduce the number of employees a business requires. In our industry,  we are seeing more and more employers looking for heavy equipment operators who also have a commercial drivers license. The logic there

Are different Types Of Trucks More Difficult To Drive

Is a long distance semi-trailer harder to drive than a local dump truck? Does size really matter when you’re learning to drive a truck? These are interesting questions that are often asked by students during the first days of a truck driver training program. The answer is not as simple as you may think. To say that one is easier than another would be leading you astray as they all have different skill requirements. A semi-trailer driver requires skills associated with