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How To Apply For Our Truck Driver Training Programs

Applying for a training program should be easy, and the actual application process is very easy. At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, you can either apply over the phone or fill in our online application form.  We will generally get back to you within a day or two to discuss and finalize your application. The how then is very easy. It is made even easier if you have everything sorted out first. By that I mean your finances, your time

Truck Driver Endorsements

For many prospective truck drivers, the plan is simply to drive a big rig on the open road. This is a great plan, and for many, this is exactly what they do for their entire careers. For others, there may be a desire for something a bit different. This curiosity for something different can be curbed while still in the trucking industry by attaining Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) endorsements . These endorsements allow

Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Once a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) has been earned, there are many different routes a driver can take in his or her job search. There are hundreds of different trucking companies that hire numerous truck drivers for their variety of skills. Many of these positions will require extra truck driver training courses, experience and additional endorsements on the driver’s CDL. With this added training and education, most of these specialized trucking jobs will pay more money

Why Truck Driver Training Programs Have Different Lengths

When looking for a good truck driver training school, it can be a mistake to judge them by the length of their training programs. Just because a training program is three months longer than another, doesn’t make it better. What is important is to understand exactly what you are going to get from your training. There are four areas to look at when comparing truck driver training schools. The first is the amount of time you physically spend behind the

Do You Refer Clients For Retraining Programs – Consider Truck Driver Training

If you’re in the business of assisting the unemployed, displaced workers, ex-military personnel, or perhaps workers requiring retraining following accident or injury, then you may want to consider referring them on to truck driver training. While some disabilities may prevent some from working in the trucking industry, there are many who would still qualify for training and for a commercial drivers license. Truck driving is a thriving career that is well paid and drivers are always in demand. What may make

Don’t Let Unemployment Get In The Way Of Truck Driver Training

So you’re unemployed, you have little in the way of spare cash, and your employment history sucks. Guess what? You’re not the only one. Latest employment statistics have seen unemployment rates drop  marginally to 9.1%, and while percentages may not mean much, it does mean that over 100,000 new jobs were created – and some of them were in the trucking industry. Compared to most industries, trucking is the one area where growth is inevitable despite the woes of the

Finding The Funds For Your Truck Driver Training

When considering a career change, or even a first career, one of the most important steps is to undertake training. Training should be seen as an investment in your own future rather than as an expense. With the right training, and the right outcomes, your new career will recoup the costs of that training many times over. That doesn’t make finding the funds to pay for that training any easier – unless you’re considering truck driver training through Diesel Truck

Are different Types Of Trucks More Difficult To Drive

Is a long distance semi-trailer harder to drive than a local dump truck? Does size really matter when you’re learning to drive a truck? These are interesting questions that are often asked by students during the first days of a truck driver training program. The answer is not as simple as you may think. To say that one is easier than another would be leading you astray as they all have different skill requirements. A semi-trailer driver requires skills associated with

Career Services Making A Difference To Peoples Lives

Graduates from our Diesel Truck Driving School have high success rates when it comes to careers in trucking. While our training is of a high standard, we are not the only trucking school in the nation that trains graduates to a point where they can gain their commercial drivers license. So why do we produce so many graduates that go on to build great careers? One important factor is our Career Services Department. Rather than training new drivers then waving goodbye

Why Some Truck Schools Outperform Others

Career related training is no different than many other forms of training or education. The success rate of an individual school is often determined by the experience and teaching abilities of the trainers, the curriculum followed, and the type of equipment used. When it comes to truck schools, these three components are very important. Can one truck driver teach someone to drive a truck? The answer, of course, is yes, but can they teach them to become a successful truck