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How To Manage A New Career As A Truck Driver

Like most professions, a successful truck driving career depends largely on your reputation as a driver, and that starts from day one. To ensure you have a long and successful truck driving career, you need to manage your newfound skills very carefully. If you follow the right path early on, you will go a long way to establishing a good reputation as a truck driver, and establishing a long and very profitable career. There are several keys to building a good

From Truck Driver Training To Truck Driver Work

The hardest hurdle to cross in any career change is that of finding a first job. It can’t be any job either, it needs to be a job that recognizes you’re a novice, yet is prepared to help you gain the experience necessary to become a competent and effective worker. Truck driving is no different. It’s no secret that most transport companies prefer experienced drivers. However, that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities available – there are, you just need

Company Drivers – What to Expect

There are lots of different routes a truck driver can take in his or her career. They can work for a trucking company driving locally or long haul. They can become an owner-operator working for themselves or leasing their services to a trucking company. Most truck drivers upon completion of truck driving school will become company drivers. These drivers will drive a tractor trailer owned by a trucking company and will generally be paid

Truck Driver – Is It In You?

Many children grow up recognizing that big rig flying down the highway and instantly pump their arm in hopes that the driver will honk his horn. As a result, many of those children grow up wanting to become a truck driver when they grow up. It is, after all, an honest way to make a living, and one of the few professions that allow you to see the country like so many wish they could. But, it is

Transport Industry Desperate For New Truck Driver Recruits

We may be recovering from an economic crisis, however, people are still spending money and buying goods, even if it’s only the essentials. Those goods don’t magically appear on supermarket shelves; they make their way there courtesy of the transport industry and the tens of thousands of truck drivers that travel the highways. We live in an interesting period when it comes to industries like the transport industry. Demand for its services are slowly rising whilst the number of truck

Employers Prefer Professionally Trained Truck Drivers

There is a growing trend amongst employers to only look at professionally trained truck drivers when hiring new recruits. Even then, most employers have a list of training companies they trust along with a list they don’t trust. If your training has been through a well reputed truck driver training company, then your chances for employment are significantly increased. So why do employers prefer professionally trained truck drivers? There are a lot of reasons, however, most fall within the following: No

Where Can A New Truck Driver Look For Work

Undergoing training for a new career is one thing. Actually finding employment is quite another. Fortunately, after training to become a truck driver and then obtaining your CDL, there are literally thousands of employers across hundreds of industries who employ truck drivers. Think of an industry and there will be trucks required somewhere along the way. Some of the more common areas that new truck drivers should consider include: Construction – One of the biggest users of trucks and truck drivers, Industry