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Truck Driver Jobs

CDL Truck Driver Jobs

Truck driver jobs play an important role in all industries. They transport goods from one location to another, making their way across the country. Most truck drivers operate trucks that have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) capacity, which means the combined weight of the cargo, passengers, and truck exceed 26,000 pounds. Truck drivers deliver goods over intercity routes and sometimes travel through several states. Choosing to be a CDL truck driver is a major lifestyle choice because you could

Moving Trucks – Another Option for Drivers

When many people decide to move into a new career in truck driving, they only think of driving a big rig from a warehouse or factory to a store or other warehouse. This is a huge piece of the industry for truck drivers with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), but there are many other options that a truck driver can look into when searching for that new career. One of these industries is the household goods moving industry.

Truck Driver – Is It In You?

Many children grow up recognizing that big rig flying down the highway and instantly pump their arm in hopes that the driver will honk his horn. As a result, many of those children grow up wanting to become a truck driver when they grow up. It is, after all, an honest way to make a living, and one of the few professions that allow you to see the country like so many wish they could. But, it is

Career Services Put The Polish On Your Truck Driving Job Search

Never underestimate the power of a good career services department at a truck driver training school. While the driving instructors can teach you all they know about truck driving, it is the career services personnel who ultimately influence your job application successes. Trucking companies are looking for drivers who are articulate, reliable, and above all else, good at what they do. The problem is, how do you convey your abilities to potential employers? In fact, who are your potential

How Easy Is It To Find A Truck Driving Job?

The big question on every potential truck driving student’s mind is the one that relates to truck driving jobs. With unemployment high and the economy struggling, will they find a job after graduating?  Of course, there are no guarantees. However, we can point to what other sources are saying and make a few educated guesses. So what is being said about truck driving opportunities? The American Trucking Association points to a situation we have highlighted in the past, and

Where Can A New Truck Driver Look For Work

Undergoing training for a new career is one thing. Actually finding employment is quite another. Fortunately, after training to become a truck driver and then obtaining your CDL, there are literally thousands of employers across hundreds of industries who employ truck drivers. Think of an industry and there will be trucks required somewhere along the way. Some of the more common areas that new truck drivers should consider include: Construction – One of the biggest users of trucks and truck drivers, Industry