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Truck Driving Safety – Sometimes You Can Get Lucky

There are times where, in life, you can just be plain lucky. For one recent Russian truck driver, luck played a huge role in an accident that he could just walk away from – in fact, if you check out this video, you’ll see he had no option but to walk away. When it comes to truck driving safety, there are one or two observations we can make from this video. The first is how lucky the driver was not

How To Chose A Truck Driver Training School

We live in a competitive world, and also in a world that is filled by those looking to make a quick buck. With a national shortage of truck drivers on the horizon, we are seeing a lot of new truck driver training companies coming into the market place. For those considering a career as a truck driver, finding the right training company can be an off-putting exercise.  Hopefully we can help. There are a number of areas that potential truck drivers

Enrolling in Truck Driver Training

Associated Training School has multiple programs available for those interested in entering the field of trucks. Having a CDL is a vital part of becoming a driver and we offer the necessary training to obtain it. If you are looking to begin a new career, look into the training at ATS and get started because you can be working in no time. In order to become an ATS student, there are a few steps to follow. First you need to fill

Why Truck Driver Training Programs Have Different Lengths

When looking for a good truck driver training school, it can be a mistake to judge them by the length of their training programs. Just because a training program is three months longer than another, doesn’t make it better. What is important is to understand exactly what you are going to get from your training. There are four areas to look at when comparing truck driver training schools. The first is the amount of time you physically spend behind the

How To Avoid Truck Driver Training Scams

Scams seem to be a part of our lives these days, affecting (or should that be infecting) almost every industry you can think of.  Most people undertake training to start new careers, and given the cost of many training programs, the last thing anyone needs is to find they have been scammed. Unfortunately, the truck driver training industry isn’t free of scams – however, we can offer tips on how to avoid being scammed and losing your hard earned money. What