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Don’t Miss The Details When Taking Turns

One of the most common mistakes a truck driver can make is missing a detail when turning. Particularly in right-hand turns, the missed detail can hang you up real quick, leaving your trailer cocked at an angle with the tires off the ground. Then you are stuck waiting for a tow truck. The reason that missed details in turns will hang drivers up so often is that the details change. Sometimes it’s the angle of the turn, other times it’s

How Truck Drivers Stay Safe On The Road

Truck drivers ply their trade in a public way – on the open highway.  There they must confront a whole range of potential dangers, some externally and many internally. A good truck driver will drive in such a way that each of these potential dangers is taken into account and that every possible precaution is taken to prevent any accidents from occurring. A lot is said about the external dangers to a truck driver. These include weather, the state of the

How Modern Trucks Incorporate The Latest Technology

Trucks used to be fairly simple beasts. You had the stop/go/clutch peddles, gear lever, steering wheel and CB radio – and that was it. Today’s trucks are far different with a wide range of electronics designed to assist drivers. Many of the tedious jobs that a truck driver had to handle can now be done electronically. Some of the equipment now in use include systems designed to: check the truck and trailer weight, check the balance of the cargo load, monitor the

Tips On How To Start A Successful Truck Driving Career

Driving trucks can be a very rewarding career, however, if you don’t start out right, your career may grind to a rapid halt. There are three major steps involved in starting a successful career as a truck driver – learning how to drive a truck, finding your first truck driving job, and keeping that first truck driving job. So why are they important? Learning to drive a truck Don’t underestimate the value of a reputable truck driver training school. When faced with

Hazardous Materials Endorsement A Must

The hazardous materials endorsement is an endorsement that is added to a truck driver’s commercial drivers license, allowing a truck driver to transport material deemed to be hazardous. Is it a necessary endorsement? That would depend on your interpretations of the word ‘necessary’. If you look at what is deemed to be a hazardous material, then you may rethink that interpretation. In general terms, hazardous relates to any material which, if released into the environment, could cause significant damage to life

If I Had One Truck Driving Safety Tip To Offer

The focus of truck driver training has always been on safety. I know that’s a big call, however, when you think about it, the focus on all trucking rules and regulations is safety. In fact, the main aim behind all road rules is purely safety. Speed restrictions are in place, not for the fun of it as some people think, but for safety since that restricted speed is thought to be the ‘safest’ maximum speed. It may surprise you then

Tractors And Their Different Types Of Trailers

The term tractor-trailer is used to describe a vehicle that is made up of two or more components. The first component is the tractor, sometimes referred to as the semi or main rig. This is a vehicle that can be driven on the roads with or without a trailer. The trailer is a unit that is attached to the tractor, and in some areas, you are allowed to couple several of these units together behind the one tractor. In some

Truck Stops – The Truck Drivers Home Away From Home

How does a truck driver handle the long lonely hours behind the wheel? There are a number of ways and one of them is their home away from home – the great American truck stop. Truck stops range in size from small roadside fuel pump stations to large plazas with multiple amenities, the largest offering everything from dental services and movie theaters to luxury overnight accommodations. The larger truck stops are run by major chains, and there is a good

Truck Drivers Should Be Treasured Not Demeaned

Talk to many car owners and they’ll tell you they hate trucks on their roads. Note the “their roads” part of that statement. Truck drivers have been accused of a wide range of problems, yet statistics tell a very different story. It’s not just the statistics either. When you think about it, everything we eat, drink, wear and use in our lives has to be transported, and there will have been a truck or two involved in that transportation. What

Do You Know These Common Trucking Terms?

Like almost every industry, trucking has its own set of terminology. New drivers are expected to know many of these terms from day one, especially those that relate to truck safety and truck driving rules and regulations. Do you know any of these common trucking terms? ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System): A computerized system that helps drivers maintain control on slippery roads. AFV (Alternate Fueled Vehicle): A vehicle that uses fuels other than diesel or gasoline. Air Ride Suspension: A suspension system that uses