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Trucking Jobs

Trucking Jobs Report

The need for drivers for tractor-trailer or heavy trucks is expected to grow by at least 6 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is about average compared to other occupations according to the trucking jobs report. That will total about 108,400 additional jobs. Truck drivers play an important role in the economy because truckers keep the supply chains moving and transport freight from one location to another. When the demand for goods increases, the demand for truckers will also

How Truck Drivers Stay Safe On The Road

Truck drivers ply their trade in a public way – on the open highway.  There they must confront a whole range of potential dangers, some externally and many internally. A good truck driver will drive in such a way that each of these potential dangers is taken into account and that every possible precaution is taken to prevent any accidents from occurring. A lot is said about the external dangers to a truck driver. These include weather, the state of the

Truck Driving Is Not A Dumb Job

Truck driving jobs are not all the same. The range of skills required to transport heavy equipment is very different to those required to transport furniture, for example. To begin with, the types of truck are very different, and whilst truck driving is still truck driving, the thought processes can be very different. Heavy equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes. A truck driver who drives a large van has a fixed height that they are constantly aware of. Drivers

There’s A Lot To Like About Truck Driving

These days it’s hard to define the ”average” truck driver. The lure of the open highway attracts people from all walks of life, and sometimes you’d be surprised at who was driving a truck alongside you. Today, there are truck drivers who were accountants, lawyers, police officers, and even politicians, in a previous career. Sure, we see of lot of people who are entering the trucking industry as their first career, however, they are still in the minority –

The Extra Knowledge Required By Local Truck Drivers

If you’re planning on a career as a local truck driver, then there are one or two special abilities that you may need to acquire. One of these is to develop a good knowledge of your local area – in particular, the road network. Local truck drivers are often involved with set delivery routes, and those deliveries have to be made. If there are traffic problems on the roads, then drivers need to be able to find alternate routes

Building A Long Term Truck Driving Career

If you want to build a successful career as a truck driver, then you need to think like a truck owner. In short, truck owners, be they one person owner-driver businesses or multinational companies with thousands of trucks, have one ambition in life – to make as much profit as possible. The bigger profit, the happier the owners are. A bigger profit also opens the door for trucking companies to increase their fleet, increase their routes, and increase their

Winter Puts Truck Driving Safety To The Real Test

There’s nothing like a sudden freezing winter snap to test the skills of a truck driver. For truck drivers, winter brings many challenges with the greatest coming from hidden black ice. This is ice on the road that is difficult to see until you hit it, and your wheels and brakes suddenly start to lose their grip. However, the roads themselves are only one part of the test that truck drivers face each winter. Simply parking for a few hours to

Talk To Truck Drivers Before Making A Final Career Choice

Truck driving is one of those career choices that can also become a lifestyle choice.  Local truck drivers don’t feel the impact of their career choice on lifestyle. It’s just a regular job that normally has you at home in time for dinner, and at home on the weekends. Long distance truck drivers have a very different lifestyle, one that can be hard and, for some, a lifestyle that causes more trouble than happiness. If you have decided to take on

Small Fleet Owners Had To Start With Basic Truck Driver Training

One of the great things about a career as a truck driver is the fact that your future options are endless. You could go to work for a large transport company and work your way to the top – not top truck driver, general manager. Alternatively, you could work for a trucking company before buying your own rig, and over time, building your own small (or large) fleet of trucks, becoming the employer rather than the employee. It’s not a

Truck Driver Shortages To Hurt The Nation

The US economy is predicted to suffer, not at the hands of bankers, investors, or overseas conditions, but by the shortage of truck drivers. Current trends predict that this shortfall could be as high as 50,000 within two years, causing a slow down in the economy’s growth. If we can’t transport goods, then manufacturing, mining and retail growth will be hampered, which this will frustrate investors. Why are we going to suffer such a shortage of drivers? A number of