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Tips For Driving A Truck During Adverse Weather

Truck driving can be a real test of one’s patience. Throw in bad weather and the situation becomes worse. The old saying that the “mail must get through” still holds true for truck drivers, however, that is always going to be based on whether or not that ‘getting through’ can be done safely. For experienced drivers, bad weather is not a big issue – they know their limitations so they know when to pull over, and they know when it’s

You Only Need One Good Reason To Choose Diesel Truck Driver Training School

I could give you a million reasons why prospective truck drivers should be selecting our training school. In reality, I need only one. Schools will talk about the quality of their training, the quality of their instructors, and even the quality of their trucks – and we have all that. However, the one reason you should be looking at Diesel Truck Driver Training School is much simpler than that – our graduates are immediately employable. Furthermore, our graduates find work

Learning How To Network In The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is a fairly close one. In fact, some people could accuse it of being an almost closed industry. By closed, I am referring to the fact that many truck driving jobs are not advertised externally. They are advertised only within the industry and through industry-related organizations. New truck drivers can often find it frustrating to find that first job, and jobs further down the track. The answer is to learn how to network within the industry, and

Practice Is What Makes A Truck Driver Perfect

There’s one thing you can’t have too much of when it comes to truck driver training and that’s behind-the-wheel practice. The more you can practice your driving skills, the better you will become. There is one proviso to that statement – you need to have a good instructor alongside you to correct mistakes when you make them. Practicing your driving skills alone could see you practicing bad habits rather than good, and in the long run, that will make you

The Dangers Of Truck Drivers Carrying Concealed Firearms

There are times when I’m sure a truck driver would have liked to have a firearm close by. More so if they are transporting goods that criminals find attractive. There are, however, several dangers for a truck driver when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon, and I’m not talking about any dangers related to the firearm, or from criminals. Federal law makes it perfectly legal for truck drivers to carry firearms (as long as they have permits) and it

Truck Drivers Have A Great Social Life

You would think that driving a truck all day could be quite a lonely job. In a way it is, but then again, truck drivers have learned over time to take advantage of every opportunity afforded them. Take a long distance truck driver’s social life. Whilst a truck driver is confined to their driving cab for long hours, there is the two-way radio – something that truck drivers have really mastered over the years to a point where it has

Truck Driver Training – Get The One Percenters Right

A truck driver spends 99% of their driving time going forward. That other 1% is spent going in reverse, yet a competent truck driver is judged as much on that reversing skill as they are on their going forward skills. There’s no doubt that driving from A to B safely and on time is important, however, once you get to B, you will generally be required to reverse your truck into an unloading area. Will you get it right the

How To Determine The Right Truck Driving Job

There are hundreds of different types of truck driving jobs available around the nation. There are long distance truck drivers. These drivers are lucky to be home on weekends and they drive long hours. There are regional truck drivers who are almost always at home on weekends and most nights as well. There are also local truck driving jobs where you are always home in time for dinner, and rarely if ever required to spend a night away from home. That

Advanced Driving Techniques Required Of Commercial Truck Drivers

There’s more to driving a truck than just knowing the road rules, steering, changing gears, accelerating and braking – the basic skills that all car drivers must learn and prove themselves to be proficient at. Commercial truck drivers obviously need those skills as well, however, there are many more skills that would-be truck drivers need to learn. Some of the more basic skills include: Map reading, Trip planning, Department of Transportation laws, particularly as they relate to load limits and log

Trucking Careers Mean A Change In Lifestyle

If you plan on becoming a long distance truck driver, then you need to plan for a few big changes to your lifestyle. Terms such as “working day” and “weekends” will take on a whole new meaning. If you are used to a normal working day where you clock on to begin work, have scheduled breaks during the day, then clock off to go home for dinner, then you’re in for a shock to the system. Likewise, where a weekend