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There’s More To Truck Driver Training Than Learning To Drive

Becoming a truck driver means a lot more than just driving a truck. Legislators are constantly tinkering with the rules and regulations involving the transport industry, all in the name of safety – not just truck driver safety. In fact, the primary aim of many of the rules and regulations is the safety of other drivers and property. This has made some areas of truck driving quite onerous, with truck drivers being required to document almost every moment of their

Can You Find Your Way Around A Truck?

That may sound like a silly question – we can all find our way around the outside of a truck. However, my question refers more to the various parts of a truck. If I asked you to identify all of the air brake hoses and connections, could you? Terminology is an important of your truck driver training, and that’s particularly true of the parts and equipment found in and on a truck. I am not sure a truck mechanic would appreciate

How To Be A Successful Truck Driver

Good truck drivers are worth their weight in gold and can often dictate when and where they wish to drive. When a trucking company allocates work to drivers, those with a good reputation for arriving on time without incident are often given priority over other drivers. Those with the worst record are either moved on, or at best, offered routes that other drivers have rejected. Well-regarded truck drivers can request routes that have them home every weekend, or at worst,

Winter Puts Truck Driving Safety To The Real Test

There’s nothing like a sudden freezing winter snap to test the skills of a truck driver. For truck drivers, winter brings many challenges with the greatest coming from hidden black ice. This is ice on the road that is difficult to see until you hit it, and your wheels and brakes suddenly start to lose their grip. However, the roads themselves are only one part of the test that truck drivers face each winter. Simply parking for a few hours to

Specialist Truck Driving Skills That Take Time And Practice

You can learn to drive a truck and gain a commercial drivers license in five weeks. Our training program will prepare you well for the workplace, however, there are some specialist skills that simply take time. There are some skills that you need to acquire before you place yourself in situations that could cause problems. Driving an over-sized load is a good example. A recent news article highlights the need for truck drivers to have a better awareness of their surroundings,

Trucking Laws Are Very Different To General Road Rules

It is a big mistake to try and compare trucking laws to general road rules. In general, truck drivers have to follow the road rules like every other driver. Trucking laws relate to a much wider category that is designed to regulate how trucks are loaded, and how much time drivers spend behind the wheel. Road rules are designed to make our roads safer and easier to use. Trucking laws extend those rules to ensure that large very heavy trucks

Truck Driver Safety= IMPORTANT

The trucking industry is huge. It is a secure field to work in and there are plenty of available positions. By attending training school, you can become a qualified driver. One important factor to consider in this field is safety. A big safety issue within the trucking industry is rollovers. Unfortunately it is not difficult for a big truck to roll. There are many factors that come into play when judging how easily they will roll. An empty trailer will go

Diesel Truck Driver Training School & Safety

Truck driving is one of the largest industries in the world today. There are truck drivers that transport nearly every kind of product imaginable. Training is necessary to truly become a qualified driver. Driver’s must ibtain their CDL to gain employment in this field. The most important part of training for this fieldĀ is learning the ins and outs of safety. It is true that safety is important no matter what type of vehicle you are driving but it is on a

Why Attitude And Dedication Mark A Quality Truck Driver

Truck driving is one of those careers where having the right attitude and being dedicated can really pay off. If you have a reputation for always being on time, never receiving infringement notices, never having accidents, then trucking companies will seek you out in an attempt to add you to their payroll. Truck drivers with good reputations often draw better than average wages, and often receive numerous employee benefits such as health insurance and bonuses. Nothing galls a truck driver more

Combating Boredom for Long Haul Truckers

Life on the highway can make for an exciting and challenging life for a truck driver. The sights and sounds of America zipping by the cab of a big rig can be truly exhilarating. But, as with any job, the excitement will eventually begin to wear off, and the alert new driver will become more comfortable driving and used to the road. Once this occurs, it is essential that truckers find safe and healthy