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Enrolling in Truck Driver Training

Associated Training School has multiple programs available for those interested in entering the field of trucks. Having a CDL is a vital part of becoming a driver and we offer the necessary training to obtain it. If you are looking to begin a new career, look into the training at ATS and get started because you can be working in no time. In order to become an ATS student, there are a few steps to follow. First you need to fill

Truck Driving – Watch Your Back

Truck driving can be an exciting career that allows a driver to see the country on his boss’ dime. Unfortunately, back problems can be an unwanted side effect of the demanding life of truck driving. There are several reasons that back issues can be a problem with truck drivers. Truck driving for approximately ten hours a day is the main reason for the connection between truck driving and bad backs. Being seated with a foot on

Truck Driver Health and Safety Requirements

There are several requirements besides the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test that must be met prior to being given the privilege of driving a big rig. Some of these regulations are health related, but all of them are ultimately safety related, and they are all created to save lives on our roads. Driving a truck is a huge responsibility, and as a result, there are age limitations to go with this major responsibility. All intrastate

Why Choose Trucking For A Long Term Career?

The trucking industry is really one of the oldest industries in the U.S. It can trace its roots back to the stage coach days where drivers would pull freight and passengers half way across the country. While ever we rely on trade for food and the necessities in life, like the stage coach days, trucking will be there to assist that trade. Back in the stage coach days, the one philosophy was that the coach had to get through, and

7 Financial Aid Sources

If you know you’re ready for truck driving school and you’re a little short of tuition money, there are financial aid sources that you can turn to in order to get the education of your dreams. Here are 7 financial aid sources for you to consider: State and Federal Grants – Be sure to choose a truck driving school that will accept state and federal grants. The Diesel Truck Driving Training School is one of