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RV Season

Top Tips for Driving During RV Season

As a commercial truck driver, you may come to dread RV season, the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the inexperienced RV crowd takes to the road for summer vacations. While any individual RV you come across on the road may or may not be a hazard, here are some tips to avoid trouble during this time of year. First, assume that people don’t know what they are doing. With that assumption, it is far less likely

Points To Keep In Mind For Truck Drivers

You really don’t stop learning when you get out of trucking school. All that training is like a base you build your career on, and the way you build a good career is by keeping three points in mind. They all start with the letter “P” to make it easier: Practice — because the more you do something, the better you get at it. Practice turning in tight spots. Practice backing up. Practice the things you make mistakes on. Practice

Tips For New Truck Drivers

This is a list of good advice from drivers who have already spent some time on the road. A lot of them are just common sense, but every one probably has a story behind it: Safety regs are not things to ignore because “you know what you are doing” Being alert to traffic, weather conditions, road construction etc. keeps you ready to respond Don’t assume you know what a different truck or load entails–ask Be nice to your dispatcher. They decide who gets loads Don’t