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Truck Driving Is Not A Dumb Job

Truck driving jobs are not all the same. The range of skills required to transport heavy equipment is very different to those required to transport furniture, for example. To begin with, the types of truck are very different, and whilst truck driving is still truck driving, the thought processes can be very different. Heavy equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes. A truck driver who drives a large van has a fixed height that they are constantly aware of. Drivers

Truck Driving No Longer An Environmentally Unfriendly Job

Clean technology has become an important issue in society and for the trucking industry this has meant looking at ways to minimize pollution caused through the burning of diesel fuels. Many trucking companies have taken up new technologies, either through the use of trucks that minimize gas emissions or by switching over to the cleaner biofuel and biodiesel. In the past, trucks were notorious for belching out clouds of black and/or blue smoke. Whilst there are still some older vehicles

Defensive Driving The Key To Truck Driver Safety

You may consider yourself a very safe driver, and you may well take that safety-conscious approach to a trucking career, however, that doesn’t mean you’ll avoid accidents. Unfortunately, you will have to share the road with other drivers, and they may not be a safe or as smart as you. If you take a truck driving approach that assumes that every other vehicle is a danger to you, you may be able to prevent incidents. This approach is often referred

Concentration A Truck Driver’s Biggest Threat

Truck drivers put up with a lot of nonsense as they ply their trade. Cars pay them little respect, either that or they are overly cautious, which in itself can cause problems. Highway patrols are not always welcome, and events such as traffic accidents and weather can also create problems. All that aside, concentration is a far bigger risk to truck drivers, and there are periods where concentration is more likely to cause issues. To be successful, a truck driver needs

The Extra Knowledge Required By Local Truck Drivers

If you’re planning on a career as a local truck driver, then there are one or two special abilities that you may need to acquire. One of these is to develop a good knowledge of your local area – in particular, the road network. Local truck drivers are often involved with set delivery routes, and those deliveries have to be made. If there are traffic problems on the roads, then drivers need to be able to find alternate routes

Short-, Medium- And Long-Term Truck Driving Career Options

Many people select truck driving as a career choice and remain as a paid truck drivers for the rest of their working lives. You don’t have to restrict yourself to working for someone else as a truck driver. There are a range of career options available, and if you choose your direction now, then you can train and work towards that goal from day one. Much will depend on your current social arena. For example, if you have a family,

How Much Does An OTR Truck Driver Really Earn?

Is truck driving really a lucrative career option? Some would say it isn’t, however, you really need to look at the actual numbers to get a reasonable idea as to how much money you can realistically earn. Local truck drivers are generally paid by the hour, however, long distance or over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers are paid by the mile. New truck drivers can expect between 30 and 40 cents per mile. Experienced truck drivers will earn more with their rates

How To Determine The Right Truck Driving Job

There are hundreds of different types of truck driving jobs available around the nation. There are long distance truck drivers. These drivers are lucky to be home on weekends and they drive long hours. There are regional truck drivers who are almost always at home on weekends and most nights as well. There are also local truck driving jobs where you are always home in time for dinner, and rarely if ever required to spend a night away from home. That

Regional Truck Driving Jobs – A Little Bit Of Everything

Regional truck driving jobs can be a great option for those who like the open highways yet don’t want to be away from home for long periods. These jobs range from being at home each night to requiring three to five days away from home, and giving you the weekends at home. Most regional truck driving jobs involve general freight, so whilst you may have a regular run, you will be taking different freight on each trip. The route you

Winter Puts Truck Driving Safety To The Real Test

There’s nothing like a sudden freezing winter snap to test the skills of a truck driver. For truck drivers, winter brings many challenges with the greatest coming from hidden black ice. This is ice on the road that is difficult to see until you hit it, and your wheels and brakes suddenly start to lose their grip. However, the roads themselves are only one part of the test that truck drivers face each winter. Simply parking for a few hours to