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´╗┐Trucking Jobs Report

The need for drivers for tractor-trailer or heavy trucks is expected to grow by at least 6 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is about average compared to other occupations according to the trucking jobs report. That will total about 108,400 additional jobs. Truck drivers play an important role in the economy because truckers keep the supply chains moving and transport freight from one location to another. When the demand for goods increases, the demand for truckers will also

Electric Trucks

Walmart is purchasing Tesla Trucks

When Elon Musk announced the new Tesla electric semi-truck, it had the potential to be a move that transformed the trucking industry, but that can only happen if major transporters embrace the new technology. Looking at what the truck can offer, with a 500-mile range, electronic connection directly to fleet management systems and significant power advantages, along with a projected 25 cent reduction in the cost per mile, it is clear that this new vehicle makes for an attractive proposition,

Truck Driver Training – So You’re Ready To Drive A Big Rig

Choosing a career, or choosing to change careers, can be a hard task. Once you have decided on that new career, it’s all systems go. It can be an exciting time, and one that’s full of trepidation. If you’ve decided to become a truck driver, then you’ve probably also set your mind on the type of truck you want to drive. Many new truck drivers come into the industry with their heads full of exciting stories about driving big rigs

How Modern Trucks Incorporate The Latest Technology

Trucks used to be fairly simple beasts. You had the stop/go/clutch peddles, gear lever, steering wheel and CB radio – and that was it. Today’s trucks are far different with a wide range of electronics designed to assist drivers. Many of the tedious jobs that a truck driver had to handle can now be done electronically. Some of the equipment now in use include systems designed to: check the truck and trailer weight, check the balance of the cargo load, monitor the

Renewing Or Replacing Your Commercial Drivers License

Each state sets an expiration date for drivers licenses, and that includes commercial drivers licenses. In Wisconsin, the lifespan of a CDL is eight years, after which you will need to seek a renewal. Each renewal has a lifespan of eight years so over a forty year working life, a truck driver will need to renew their license five or six times. Renewing your CDL is a straightforward process, however, you will need to plan ahead, especially if you have

If I Had One Truck Driving Safety Tip To Offer

The focus of truck driver training has always been on safety. I know that’s a big call, however, when you think about it, the focus on all trucking rules and regulations is safety. In fact, the main aim behind all road rules is purely safety. Speed restrictions are in place, not for the fun of it as some people think, but for safety since that restricted speed is thought to be the ‘safest’ maximum speed. It may surprise you then

Truck Drivers Should Be Treasured Not Demeaned

Talk to many car owners and they’ll tell you they hate trucks on their roads. Note the “their roads” part of that statement. Truck drivers have been accused of a wide range of problems, yet statistics tell a very different story. It’s not just the statistics either. When you think about it, everything we eat, drink, wear and use in our lives has to be transported, and there will have been a truck or two involved in that transportation. What

You Only Need One Good Reason To Choose Diesel Truck Driver Training School

I could give you a million reasons why prospective truck drivers should be selecting our training school. In reality, I need only one. Schools will talk about the quality of their training, the quality of their instructors, and even the quality of their trucks – and we have all that. However, the one reason you should be looking at Diesel Truck Driver Training School is much simpler than that – our graduates are immediately employable. Furthermore, our graduates find work

How To Get A Good Look At Different Truck Types

I know there are a few people who have shown interest in becoming truck drivers, however, they have no idea what type of truck they want to drive, or the kind of freight they want to carry. If you are a complete novice when it comes to truck types, then there are a number of ways to gather information on truck types. Some of these approaches include: Using the Internet – the Internet is great, and you’ll gain a lot of

How Times Are Changing For Truck Drivers

It would be nice if you could qualify for a job then just get on and do it. In most workplaces, the job evolves over time, generally for the better. Truck driving is no different – you can’t obtain a commercial drivers license then work as a truck driver, oblivious to everything else. Truck driving as a job is evolving, sometimes for the better and sometimes not depending on which side of the fence you are sitting. There are moves