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Electric Trucks

Walmart is purchasing Tesla Trucks

When Elon Musk announced the new Tesla electric semi-truck, it had the potential to be a move that transformed the trucking industry, but that can only happen if major transporters embrace the new technology. Looking at what the truck can offer, with a 500-mile range, electronic connection directly to fleet management systems and significant power advantages, along with a projected 25 cent reduction in the cost per mile, it is clear that this new vehicle makes for an attractive proposition,

What Kind Of Truck Driver Do You Want To Be?

How many kinds of truck driving jobs are there? The answer is, “Lots and lots.” Pretty much any industry will involve some kind of trucking job, but here is a partial list of possibilities: Freight hauler Construction hauler Hazardous materials hauler Tank hauler Flat bed hauler Local hauler (home at night) Road driver (gone about a week at time) Long haul driver (gone 3 weeks or more each trip) Low boy hauler Small doubles Large doubles Triples Small Straight trucks Other specialized hauling Just being “a truck driver” is such a generalized statement that

Tips For Driving Refrigerated Trucks

Driving a refrigerated truck means you need to be trained in this specific type of job because there are some differences in how you’ll operate. The insides of the truck need to be kept clean and clear because that affects the way the cold air moves around the cargo. Some drivers use a battery-operated leaf blower to “sweep” out the dry debris and Blue Beacon to clean up wet spills. A milk crate works great for keeping all the cleaning