Tailoring Your Truck Driver Training To Your Circumstances

//Tailoring Your Truck Driver Training To Your Circumstances

Undertaking training for a new career takes a lot of commitment – and resources. Whilst financial resources are often a problem, the real problem can be related to time – in particular, time away from paid employment. Our complete truck driver training program requires a commitment of five days per week for five weeks. That’s a long time without any income for some, and can be a real barrier to commencing a new career.

It doesn’t have to be a barrier, there are alternatives. The first alternative is to study at home and pass the tests required to gain a truck driver permit. This allows you to drive a truck on public roads as a learner. Your commitment to training then falls to ten days (five days per week for two weeks for the basic CDL training program). This is in the driver’s seat training that is designed to give you the truck driving skills required to pass the practical driving test and gain a full commercial drivers license.

If two weeks away from work is too long, you can opt for a weekend training program. This is a commitment to attend on Saturday and Sunday for five weeks (ten days of training) and covers the same skills as the two week basic CDL training program.

The primary requirement for the shorter training programs is that you obtain your truck driving permit first. We can help you there with at home study materials and practice tests that will prepare you for your theory exams. You must pass these tests to receive a truck driving permit. You can tailor your truck driver training to meet your current circumstances, and with training programs starting every three weeks in a range of locations, there is never any waiting time. Feel free to contact us if you want more information on our truck driver training programs.

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