Technology Makes A Truck Driving Career More Enjoyable

//Technology Makes A Truck Driving Career More Enjoyable

One of the areas that concern many people when considering a career as a truck driver is the ever increasing cost of fuel, and the effect this may have in the future. While it’s a valid concern, fuel prices are not limiting truck driving opportunities. If anything, increased fuel prices have increased the need for more truck drivers. Trucking is still one of the most economical ways to transport goods. It’s certainly more economical than a van or a car.

Where fuel prices have made a difference is in the area of truck technology. Engines are now much more fuel efficient than they were twenty years ago. Maintenance procedures are also more streamlined, and more frequent, to ensure that trucks gain the most from a gallon of fuel. Trucks are bigger, so you can carry more on each trip, and trucking companies are ensuring that trucks are full before sending them out onto the highways.

Technology has improved in other areas as well, all designed to make a truck drivers job easier, and to ensure that every minute that engine is running, the trucking company is gaining the best value. GPS guidance systems are a good example. Rather than being stuck in traffic jam, truck drivers can navigate their vehicles through alternate routes, thus missing the traffic problems, and getting their load to its destination on time – all thanks to a little dash mounted GPS unit.

Truck drivers can also take advantage of advanced weather forecasting units to help them plan their trips, all the while sitting in ergonomic seats listening state-of-the-art sound systems. Cell phones and the latest in radio technology helps to keep a driver in constant contact with their dispatchers. Talking of dispatchers. They can sit in their offices reading real-time trip progress reports on every truck in the fleet. A dispatcher can tell a customer exactly where their load is at any given time.

For long distance truck drivers, their cabins resemble hotel rooms more than a driver’s workplace. Satellite television, air mattresses, refrigerators, and microwave oven make for a comfortable stop-over when required. Add to this the free WiFi access that most truck stops offer, and the trucker can keep touch with the world without leaving their cab. Today’s truck drivers are blessed with some of the best technology ever seen in trucks. Drivers from fifty years ago would hardly recognize the inside of a cab, and when you add power steering, powerful electronic air brakes and easy shift gear boxes, they would probably consider it truck driving heaven.

Despite that description of truck driving, as a nation, we often struggle to find enough drivers to keep the country moving. Of course, many trucking companies are still using the older trucks, but they are quickly upgrading to the more modern driver-friendly trucks. If you want to see if truck driving is the right career for you, then contact us at Diesel Truck Driver Training School – perhaps we can put you into the driver’s seat to get a feel for the view – we’re sure you’ll enjoy it, and a truck driving career.

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