The Benefits Of Maintaining A Good Truck Driving History

//The Benefits Of Maintaining A Good Truck Driving History

You can be one of the best truck drivers in the world, but does your truck driving history show this? For many drivers, it will. However, I am sure you have heard people complaining about their credit history and how credit reporting agencies have made mistakes about their history. Truck drivers have a similar history, and that too can have errors – errors that could result in you missing out on a top paying job.

The bigger problem for truck drivers is the lack of knowledge about their history. A potential employer could reject your application for a job vacancy, and you’ll never know why. There are a number of solutions to this problem, including asking potential employers why your application was rejected. If your request is done politely, they may well respond in kind, and you may be able to identify information that is incorrect.

As a new truck driver, you need to be aware that your history is being recorded, just like your credit history. Who you work for, any traffic (and criminal) offenses are recorded, and any accidents you happen to be involved in. This is recorded in a number of places, including law enforcement agencies, the National Driver Register (NDR), the National Security Watch List, and private data collection organizations such as DAC/USIS.

You can ask these private organizations for a copy of any data stored about your driving history. You can also use services such They will put together a complete report relating to your truck driving history based in part on information you supply and information gathered from other agencies. You can review this data to ensure its accuracy, dispute any errors, and include a copy with any job applications. The latter point will make it easier for employers to judge your suitability for employment.

What new truck drivers need to note is the fact that their driving history may well be recorded and that potential employers may have access to that data. Maintaining a good truck driving history is important, more so now that modern technology is making it easier to track your history. Ensuring that data is correct is also important, so check it out, at least every 12 months. Remember also, your truck driver training will form part of that history, so be sure to undertake your training through a well-respected truck driver training school.

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