The CDL Theory Tests Need Not Be Daunting

//The CDL Theory Tests Need Not Be Daunting

I hate tests and I am sure I am not alone. Strangely enough, I don’t mind practical tests. I guess showing someone I can do something like drive a truck is easy. When it comes to memorizing a lot of rules and regulations and then having to answer written questions about those rules, well, that’s a different story. What I do know is that practice does help, and the more times you can practice the easier it becomes.

You will need to pass your CDL Theory tests in order to obtain a truck drivers permit. This is not your license; rather, it is a permit to drive a truck on the open roads with several conditions, the chief one being the requirement to have a fully licensed person with you. Unfortunately, there is not just the one theory test. Depending on the type of truck you wish to drive, your theory tests could include:

  • General Knowledge Test – This test is compulsory for all CDL applicants.
  • Air Brakes – The air brakes test is only required if you are going to operate a vehicle which has air-brakes.
  • Combination Vehicles Test – This tests your knowledge on how to operate tractor-trailers and semi-trailers.
  • Doubles and Triples Test – This test is only required if you intend pulling doubles or triples.
  • Hazardous Materials Test – This test is required for those wanting a HazMat endorsement on their license.

Whilst these tests can be difficult, they are multiple choice. The real key is learning to understand the actual question style. For this, it helps to have practice CDL tests. With a practice test, you can keep on practicing until you are fully comfortable with the testing process.

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