The Dangers Of Truck Drivers Carrying Concealed Firearms

//The Dangers Of Truck Drivers Carrying Concealed Firearms

There are times when I’m sure a truck driver would have liked to have a firearm close by. More so if they are transporting goods that criminals find attractive. There are, however, several dangers for a truck driver when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon, and I’m not talking about any dangers related to the firearm, or from criminals. Federal law makes it perfectly legal for truck drivers to carry firearms (as long as they have permits) and it is also legal to carry those firearms across state borders.

We live in interesting times when it comes to firearms (if you haven’t heard the debate, then you’ve had a long sleep). To carry a concealed firearm, you need a permit, and permits are issued by states. This is where many truck drivers find difficulties since a permit from one state does not provide a right to carry a firearm in every state.

If you are a truck driver who drives a route that crosses through several states, then you do need to carefully check the regulations related to firearms in each of those states. You may find that some of these states have a reciprocal or recognition system in place. Recognition is straightforward, that state will recognize the permits of some other states (normally those they share a border with). Reciprocal is similar, however, this relates to one state recognizing permits issued by states that recognize their permits. If there is no recognition at all, you will need to gain a permit in each of those states.

The real danger is in states that have very strict gun control legislation. These states will not issue permits to non-residents. Some of these states will, if you own property in that state. New York is even stricter in that it requires residency and a full set of fingerprints before allowing a permit. To make matter worse, some counties have their own special permit regulations.

Don’t assume that a firearm permit from your state will cover you in other states. It is best to assume that this permit will not cover you and to either leave your firearm behind or to gain a permit from each state. The danger to truck drivers is a serious one since being convicted of firearms offenses could mean the end of your truck driving career. It only a takes a few minutes to check online – USACarry has a page that helps you check the validity of your firearms permit in all other states.

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