The Eight Steps To A Commercial Drivers License

//The Eight Steps To A Commercial Drivers License

Obtaining a commercial drivers license is really fairly straightforward. There are eight steps that you need to go through, and if you take each step one at a time, you find the process actually gets easier. So what are those eight steps?

  1. Learn the road rules – you will need to learn the road rules in order to pass a written test.
  2. Pass the written test on road rules – this qualifies you for a driving permit, which in turn allows you to drive on the open road (you must have a fully licensed driver with you).
  3. Undertake driver training – this is where you will learn skills required to pass your practical test, and to work as a truck driver.
  4. Undertake specialist training – if you intend including endorsements such as the hazardous materials endorsement, then you will need training in these areas as well.
  5. Pass a medical – truck drivers must pass a medical test (performed by your doctor). You must continue to pass this test every two years to maintain your drivers license.
  6. Practice your driving skills – most importantly, practice any tricky maneuvers such as reversing that you may be struggling with
  7. Pass the practical driving test – this tests your proficiency behind the wheel. You will also need to pass a test on a walk-around inspection of the truck.
  8. Pass any tests associated with endorsements – some endorsements (such as the hazardous materials endorsement) also require testing before they can be added to your license.

While that may sound like a long list, each step in itself is quite to easy to achieve if you set your mind to it. Once you have your commercial drivers license, everything will have been worthwhile. Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools make these steps even easier. We assist you through each step, providing quality training along with plenty of behind the wheel experience.

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