The Knowledge Required To Gain A CDL Permit

//The Knowledge Required To Gain A CDL Permit

Before you can learn to drive a truck on the open highway, you need to pass a truck drivers general knowledge test. If you are successful, you are issued with a permit that allows you to drive a truck on the open roads. You will, however, require a fully licensed driver with you until you pass the remaining tests for a full CDL.

So what knowledge do you need to pass this test? The following are just some of the areas covered in a truck drivers general knowledge test. The test examines you on your knowledge of trucks, safety and the road rules. Each state has its own tests, however, they all cover most of the following:

  • vehicle inspection,
  • basic control of your vehicle,
  • gear shifting,
  • communication,
  • distracted driving,
  • night driving,
  • fog driving,
  • visual hazards,
  • space management,
  • speed control,
  • winter driving,
  • mountain driving,
  • antilock and air brake systems,
  • skid control,
  • road and highway crossings,
  • fire safety,
  • accidents and emergencies

You may also need to pass tests for specific vehicles and endorsements; for example, there is a test for tank trucks and a HazMat tests for hazardous materials. Once you have completed these tests, you can then proceed to the practical tests – these are the tests that prove you can actually drive a truck competently. While these tests may sound daunting, well trained individuals find them a breeze.

To give yourself the best possible chance of passing all tests, it is advisable to study truck driving through a reputable truck driver training school. They will provide the necessary training to help you pass the knowledge tests, then give you ample opportunity to learn the practical skills. This should include plenty of time behind the wheel doing the actual driving. The Diesel Truck Driver Training School’s complete class A CDL training program is designed to help students progress through all the necessary requirements to become a truck driver.

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