The most profitable options for your trucking industry career?

/The most profitable options for your trucking industry career?

The trucking industry is all about opportunity, providing a range of different options for you career that offer different working experiences and challenges. Which is right for you depends on the kind of work and life balance you are looking for among other things, but today we will look at which options will allow you to make the most money. For many this can be the real deciding factor for the direction they go, and because for that today we take a good look at the best paying options available.

Hazardous Liquid Hauling

With potential earnings as high as $110,000 a year and an average of $60,000 a year, a career as a liquid hazmat driver is one of the best paying in the trucking industry today. There are reasons for that of course, driving a truck loaded with hazardous materials requires high levels of skill, and because they are dangerous materials to be around, there is personal risk involved too.

However, skillful driving, planning and care can eliminate much of the risk, leaving you with a job that requires more care, observance and commitment perhaps, but rewards you well for it. Hauling hazardous chemicals may not be for everyone, but for those happy with the trade-offs you make, it is the one of the best paying option available in the industry.

Luxury Car Hauling

Driving a car transporter and transporting cars of any kind can be well paid, however it is the specialist transportation of luxury cars where the most profitable option is. Delivering such cars to customers is a skilled job, requiring not only high levels of truck driving skills, but a commitment to the highest levels of customer service as you effectively because the face of the brand to customers when delivering one of their vehicles.

As a result, those who demonstrate an ability to do this effectively can be paid very well indeed, with $100,000 a year possible for those prepared to put the hours and miles in. With varied work and interesting loads, specialist car haulage is an attractive option for many in the industry.

Hauling Oversized Loads

The other traditionally high paying trucking industry job is hauling oversized loads. With a need for specialized training and a special license to do this job, that should not be a surprise. With all that extra training and specialist knowledge, you would expect better pay after all.

What that means in the real world is earnings up to and even beyond $100,000 a year if you are prepared to sacrifice family life and work as much as possible, and really does represent another valid and high paying option within the industry.

There are of course other options available to us within the industry, but these three specialized careers represent the most profitable options available for those looking at careers in hauling. All are interesting and very different, but in the trucking industry there really is something for everyone.

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