The Public’s Biggest Misconception About A Trucking Career

//The Public’s Biggest Misconception About A Trucking Career

What is the community’s general opinion about truck drivers? In many cases, especially when it comes to long distance truck drivers, the perception is one of a rough and tough foul mouthed individual who spends most of his life in a greasy singlet and shorts drinking beer and chasing women – oh, and a road hog as well. This is a huge misconception – and truck drivers are getting further away from that image every day.

Pull over a dozen trucks and start talking to the drivers and you’ll be surprised who you meet. There are college graduates who threw away their stuffy white collars in preference for the open road. There are former law enforcement officers now driving trucks (and vice-verse too); a former church minister and even a former lawyer (not disbarred either); and mothers (and a grandmother or too as well) getting over the empty nest syndrome. In other words, normal everyday people who have decided that trucking is the career for them.

So what attracts these people to truck driving. It can’t be the money – a lawyer earns three times more than a truck driver. It can’t be the prestige, not with the general public’s misconception about trucking careers. Lifestyle? Perhaps. Maybe it’s the freedom?

Ask any truck driver what it is about the job that most appeals to them and they will most likely talk about freedom. The freedom of the open road, the freedom to stop when they like, drive when they like (within DOT regulations, of course), and the freedom of not having a boss looking over their shoulders all the time.

Of course, trucking careers can deliver high earnings – some drivers are earning as much as $100k per year while good drivers can pick up a good $60k each year. Truck drivers are normal everyday people, they are no longer foul mouthed rough and tough individuals. Many of these truck drivers own good homes in good neighborhoods with children who go to good schools. These drivers are often home most nights, certainly on weekends, all leading normal lives.

If you’re a normal everyday person looking for a career that has freedom and the potential for a good income, then contact us to find out more about a career as a truck driver.

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