The Six Basic Needs For A Truck Driving Road Trip

//The Six Basic Needs For A Truck Driving Road Trip

You can attend a lot of training to become a truck driver, but one of the few things you’ll ever learn is what a truck driver really needs with them in their cab – especially for long hauls.  Having the right skills is important, of course, since you won’t even gain a commercial drivers license without them.  When planning any trip that takes you outside the city limits, consider these basic requirements.

Communication – Normally, a CB radio, although most drivers also have cell phones. Being able to communicate is important, especially if you have an accident, breakdown, or become caught in a traffic gridlock.

Food and water – This may sound too easy, however, there are many truck drivers who remember times when they were caught out. A breakdown, traffic gridlock, or climatic event can see drivers stuck in one place for a day or two – having food and water becomes fairly important then.

Basic tools – Every truck driver should have at least a basic tool set. Screw drivers, adjustable spanners, hammer, spray on lubricant, pocket knife, electrical tape, and some old rags is a good start.

Spare clothing – Like food and water, you never know when you’re going to get caught out.

Ink pens – Failing to fill out your log book because your pen has run out of ink is not an acceptable excuse. Keep plenty on hand just in case.

Protective gloves – You will need to fill your rig with fuel, perhaps even change a wheel or couple/uncouple your rig – gloves protect the hands and keep them somewhat clean.

While that list may sound fairly basic, it is meant to be. Yet you would be surprised at how many drivers forget many of these basic items. Having a successful truck driving career doesn’t just rely on your ability to drive – it also relies on your ability to survive. Log books are important – failing to fill them out could cost you a lot of money, and perhaps even your license. Not having protective gloves could cost you a finger or two. When you start work as a truck driver, come back and check this list.

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