The Smooth Transition From Military To Truck Driving Careers

//The Smooth Transition From Military To Truck Driving Careers

Leaving the military is a huge step in a person’s life. The military is one of regimentation, order, and routine. Away from the military, that all changes – there’s no one to order you around, your routine is now left to you to organize, and if you don’t have civilian ready work skills, there’s often a huge vacuum. Military personnel are often well suited to careers like truck driving. There is organization, there is routine, and there are set rules and regulations that must be followed.

There are other attributes that both military personnel and truck drivers have in common. One is a requirement to be away from home for days or weeks at a time. With the military, that’s often months at a time, often in a foreign country. At least with truck driving you are generally in the same country as your family, and you know exactly when you’re going to be home.

Military personnel have an advantage over the rest of the community. For many ex-service people, the cost of training for a new career can be met either in full or in part by one of several government programs. These programs are designed to help former military personnel integrate back into the community and to develop skills that lead to gainful employment in the community. Truck driving is one set of skills that is in demand, and covered by these programs.

You will need to check your entitlements under the various state and federal programs. If you are eligible, Diesel Truck Driver Training School is approved to deliver training under these programs, and to help you find employment in your new career.  Transitioning from a career in the military to a career as a truck driver is really quite easy. The two careers share a wide range of personal attributes, the only thing lacking for many is the truck driving skills and the commercial drivers license – and we can help you gain both.

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