The Steps Required To Receive A CDL

//The Steps Required To Receive A CDL

Obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) is a little different than obtaining a standard car license. Holders of a CDL need to pass Department of Transport (DOT) medical tests along with a drug test. You will also need to pass several written and practical tests. Below are the steps required to receive a CDL.

  1. Recommended but not mandatory – acquire a CDL manual for your state. This has all the information required including road rules and regulations.
  2. Undertake the written test for your state. This gives you a permit to drive on public roads, but you must have a fully licensed driver in the cab with you. This test includes:
    • eye test
    • general rules test
    • air brakes test
    • combination test
  3. Not mandatory, but highly recommended – undertake truck driver training to reach the skill level expected of entry level drivers.
  4. Undertake the practical test. Upon completion you will be eligible to transfer your permit to a full CDL. This test includes:
    • pre-trip inspection
    • off-road backing skills
    • road test
  5. You will also need to complete any tests associated with endorsements and pass the DOT physical and a drug test.

If you undertake the complete CDL training program through Diesel Truck Driving School, your CDL permit and DOT physical will be obtained during class. This reduces the need for students to try and acquire permits prior to starting their training. With your permit, you will be given plenty of time behind the wheel undertaking hands-on training. This includes tricky reversing moves that you could be tested on during your practical test.

Following training, you will also be given all the help required to obtain your Class A Commercial Drivers License. By enrolling at the right training school, the steps required to obtain a commercial drivers license become a piece a cake – this leaves you free to concentrate on what is really important: Learning to become a great truck driver.

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