The Types Of Trucks You Can Drive With A CDL

//The Types Of Trucks You Can Drive With A CDL

Having a CDL (commercial drivers license) opens the door to a lot of different truck driving opportunities. The more endorsements you have on your license, the wider those opportunities become (there’s a hint in that, obtain as many endorsements as you can).  Of course, the wider the opportunities, the wider the range of trucks you can drive. With a CDL, you can drive:

  • Dump Trucks/Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment Trailers
  • Sand & Gravel Trucks
  • Farm Produce Trucks
  • Live Animal Transporters
  • Freight Haulers
  • Tankers
  • Semi Trailers
  • Interstate Rigs

That is only a small sample of the type of trucks involved. When it comes to tankers, you could be carting water, milk, silo produce such as wheat, or, with a hazardous materials endorsement, fuel like gasoline. Interstate rigs are the large semi-trailers with two or more trailers in tow.

As a truck driver, you could be driving local behind the wheel of a dump truck or heavy equipment trailer, for example. You can also choose to drive intrastate or can choose to drive the long-haul interstate rigs. If you consider that just about every product we use has a truck’s involvement somewhere, that’s a lot of trucks and a lot of miles being driven.

Training to become a truck driver is really no different in format to learning to drive a car. You need to know the road rules and pass a written test on those rules. You also need to learn to drive including maneuvers such as reversing and parking, and to pass a practical test to demonstrate your ability. The difference, of course, is that the road rules include log book requirements and the practical test is in a much bigger vehicle. Obtain a CDL and you will find you suddenly have a wide range of employment options.

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