The Ultimate Housing Option For Truck Driver Training Students

//The Ultimate Housing Option For Truck Driver Training Students

Undertaking training for a career can be a difficult problem. Truck driving is a good example, since it’s difficult to locate a school in the middle of a large city. Truck driver training schools require plenty of room to teach the basic principles, and they need to have access to open roads so students can develop those skills. To accommodate these requirements, truck driver training schools are often located on the outskirts of large cities, or in smaller towns and cities where the traffic is not quite as heavy. This can make situations like housing a little difficult – do you stay at home and commute, or do you take up a temporary residence closer to the school?

Diesel Truck Driver Training School is located on the outskirts of Sun Prairie WI, just a short drive from Madison. Rather than commuting each day, or struggling to find accommodation, we can arrange your accommodation in very comfortable, and affordable inn, just four miles from our school.

The Water Tower Inn has 62 rooms each offering cable TV, air conditioning, small refrigerators and comfortable beds. Burger King is just down the road and restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers are also within easy walking distance. The motel also has laundry facilities on site completing all the necessities for a short stay while your training to become a truck driver.

Finding accommodation can be difficult, especially when looking for periods of three or five weeks. Our arrangements take that burden off your shoulders leaving you free to concentrate on the more important aspects, like relaxing after a hard day behind the wheel of a large truck. This is the ultimate housing option, all arranged for you – and it’s comfortable.

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