There’s A Lot To Like About Truck Driving

//There’s A Lot To Like About Truck Driving

These days it’s hard to define the ”average” truck driver. The lure of the open highway attracts people from all walks of life, and sometimes you’d be surprised at who was driving a truck alongside you. Today, there are truck drivers who were accountants, lawyers, police officers, and even politicians, in a previous career. Sure, we see of lot of people who are entering the trucking industry as their first career, however, they are still in the minority – a factor that is causing problems within the industry. With so many people making trucking their second, or perhaps third, career move, we have at best a middle aged workforce – at worst, an aging workforce.

That aging workforce means there is a constant demand for new operators as older workers retire. Perhaps it takes maturity to understand the freedom of truck driving – it certainly hasn’t appealed to a lot of youngsters who are looking for their first career. Young people probably feel that trucking is a lonely profession – it’s not. In reality, it mixes the best of both worlds – drivers can work in peace whilst taking advantage of a strong camaraderie that exists amongst truck drivers.

The other component of a trucking career that often scares off younger people is the long hours on the road, time that they would rather spend partying. Truck drivers do party, and they party hard when they want to. They just know there are limitations on when they can party.

As to the long hours on the road, it’s part of the job, and something that you very quickly learn to come to terms with. You’ll quickly rebalance your life once you get into a routine.

Trucking is a career that will always have strong demand for new operators. Younger truck drivers will always find a welcome sign out if they are prepared to work hard and follow the rules. There’s a lot to like about truck driving, and that includes young drivers.

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