There’s More To Truck Driving Safety Than Meets The Eye

//There’s More To Truck Driving Safety Than Meets The Eye

If I mention the phrase “truck driving safety,” most people will think of a truck driver sticking to the road rules. The term “safety” is applied to everything a truck driver does on the road in terms of keeping the load safe, the driver safe, and other drivers safe. There is more to truck driving safety than that – much more.

Road safety is important. However, for a truck driver and their employer, the truck and its load are also important. For long distance truck drivers, taking rest breaks is a mandatory part of their job – but where do they take those rest breaks? Parking on the shoulder of a road is dangerous to both the truck and other vehicles. Rest areas are designed for “rest,” however, they are generally very dark and often secluded areas – not exactly a safe place when there are so many individuals around with criminal intent.

Truck drivers soon learn which areas are safe and which aren’t when it comes to rest areas, but that’s not the end of the story. We all know that certain neighborhoods are notoriously dangerous, yet truck drivers often need to negotiate these areas and often even make deliveries.  This is where experience comes to the fore for most truck drivers – the know how to read situations and how to take avoidance action when necessary.

Is a truck driving career dangerous? It’s no more dangerous than walking or driving down the street. I am sure you take precautions, keep your eyes open for any danger, and are prepared to take some form of avoidance or safety measures when required.  A truck driver is in the same position, only they have a much larger vehicle to control, and this is one of the main reasons why a truck driver requires special licensing (in the form of a CDL) – and truck driver training – before we let them on the open roads.

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