There’s Trouble On The Horizon For US Transport

//There’s Trouble On The Horizon For US Transport

Our transport industry is running the risk of coming to a standstill. Not a complete standstill, but a situation that could become a crisis. Why? Quite simply, we’ll run out of truck drivers. Truck drivers are starting to retire faster than we can train new drivers, and that is set to worsen as baby boomers hit retirement age.

Long distance truck driving will be hit hardest as new younger truck drivers look for local work rather then long distance, just to stay close to their young families. The good news for many new drivers is that they can still start locally then move to long distance driving further down the track as their children head towards their teens.

Don’t be surprised to see trucking companies offering higher wage rates in the future just to attract drivers to long distance driving. By training now, and gaining experience now, you’ll be in the box seat to capitalize on any future shortages. When I say ‘the future’, we are talking about 2020 – less than seven years away. That’s when the real crisis is expected to hit.

If you are looking for a career that has very good long term prospects, then truck driving is that and more. A commercial drivers license will open so many opportunities in the future, and since it only takes five weeks of truck driver training, it becomes a very solid investment.

Do you have that vision for the future? If so, inquire now about how to become a truck driver – it only takes one phone call.

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