Tips For New Truck Drivers

//Tips For New Truck Drivers

This is a list of good advice from drivers who have already spent some time on the road. A lot of them are just common sense, but every one probably has a story behind it:

  • Safety regs are not things to ignore because “you know what you are doing”
  • Being alert to traffic, weather conditions, road construction etc. keeps you ready to respond
  • Don’t assume you know what a different truck or load entails–ask
  • Be nice to your dispatcher. They decide who gets loads
  • Don’t refuse loads without a really good reason
  • Plan your exercise and diet stuff, then do it. Walk a little bit every chance you get
  • Get out and look before you back up
  • Get to know your company and the various things they do. It may lead to a better position
  • Be prompt and respect deadlines
  • Keep your truck clean inside and out
  • Keep up with your logs by doing it regularly. Don’t put it off
  • Manage your money so it stretches to the next payday at least
  • Stay patient. Accidents happen when people get mad
  • Remember what your instructors told you in training school

If you think about why someone would suggest a certain tip, it becomes obvious why they say it. A lot of times we zone out when driving, but being behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle is a profession, and drivers should be professional. When you get your training at an accredited school like Diesel Truck Drivers Training School, you learn a lot and get a lot of experience, but the way you apply that knowledge and experience is what determines your professionalism and your success as a truck driver.

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