Tips On How To Start A Successful Truck Driving Career

//Tips On How To Start A Successful Truck Driving Career

Driving trucks can be a very rewarding career, however, if you don’t start out right, your career may grind to a rapid halt. There are three major steps involved in starting a successful career as a truck driver – learning how to drive a truck, finding your first truck driving job, and keeping that first truck driving job. So why are they important?

Learning to drive a truck

Don’t underestimate the value of a reputable truck driver training school. When faced with a number of applications for a vacancy, employers will look at where you did your truck driver training. If the training school has a poor reputation, you will see your resume shunted to the back. If your training was undertaken through a well-recognized training school, that employer will take a closer look at your resume and, depending on the relationship between the two, may well phone the trainer for a reference. Learn to driver a truck through a quality truck driver training school and you’ll never regret it.

Finding your first truck driving job

There are two aspects to looking for that first truck driving job. The first is knowing which companies hire new drivers, and the second is getting some sort of introduction to that company. A well-respected truck driver training school will have contacts in many trucking companies, enough at least to get you some sort of introduction. They should also know which companies are willing to hire new drivers, and the types of trucks they have in their fleet. The sooner you can gain employment as a truck driver, the sooner you can develop your skills.

Keeping your first truck driving job

Finding a truck driving job is one thing, keeping it is another, and you need to concentrate on doing just that. What you don’t want is a resume full of short term truck driving jobs. This will always raise a doubt as to your suitability as a truck driver. When you start work, follow company policies closely. Being on time, driving conservatively so as not to waste fuel, and driving safely are a good start. Keep that first job for as long as possible – future employers will see this as a vote of confidence in your abilities.

Put it all together and the key is your choice of truck driver training schools, plus your ability to impress your first employer. Get those points right and you’ll be well on the road to a highly successful career as a truck driver.

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