Too Busy To Learn To Drive A Truck? We Can Fix That

//Too Busy To Learn To Drive A Truck? We Can Fix That

Changing careers can be a daunting thought. It can also be a frustrating period, especially if you’re reluctant to give up your current job – and in this economy, we don’t blame you. The real problems emerge when you really dislike your current job and feel trapped with nowhere else to go. No matter how busy you are, it is possible to squeeze truck driver training into your life.

You have a choice. You can bite the bullet and take five weeks away from your current job. During that five weeks we can take you through all the steps required to obtain a commercial drivers license. This includes your CDL permit, your DOT physical, learning how to drive a truck, and passing your practical driving test. However, if that doesn’t suit, we have other options.

The second option that is popular for those who are working is to undertake your truck driver training on the weekends. You will need to obtain your CDL permit first. You will need to study the rules and regulations and pass the theoretical tests to obtain your permit. Once you have your permit, you can attend our school for five consecutive weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) to learn how to drive a truck. You will then be in a position to undertake the practical driving test and the DOT physical.

A third option is to obtain your CDL permit, then attend our training school for two weeks (Monday to Friday). You will go through the same training program as those who attend on weekends (10 days), and be fully prepared for your practical driving test.

Our class schedules are designed to help most people obtain a commercial drivers license and to take up a career as a truck driver. If you are too busy to learn to drive a truck, perhaps one of those options can fix that.

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