The Top Advantage of Provided Housing

//The Top Advantage of Provided Housing

When you enroll at Diesel Truck Driver Training School, there’s an automatic provision of housing included. The reason we include housing in our student’s packages is because we have seen the advantages of provided housing over the fifty years this school has been in existence. There are many advantages to staying in the Water Tower Inn, like cable TV, air conditioners, laundry facilities, a game room, and an easy walk to stores or restaurants. But the biggest advantage is this:

You Don’t Have To Worry About It

Because the best place to stay during your training has already been found and is included in your financial package, it’s off your mind and you can focus on your studies. There will be plenty of new information and new skills to learn and you need to be able to relax after class to digest it all.

Even students who live within driving distance have found that it helps to have this time away from the regular home stuff to work on getting all they can out of training. After all, it isn’t that big of a chunk out of your life and you get the benefits of high quality training, professional skills, and employment assistance the rest of your career.

It’s a good way to get to know the other students out of class, too. There won’t just be future truck drivers staying in the Water Tower Inn, there will be future heavy equipment operators and anyone taking classes at our sister school, ATS. So you have the potential of making many friends while relaxing in the game room or at a nearby cafe. You also will be able to work on your studies in your room if you want to be alone for a while. Either way, we’ve got your spot and you don’t have to worry about housing.

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