Transport Industry Desperate For New Truck Driver Recruits

//Transport Industry Desperate For New Truck Driver Recruits

We may be recovering from an economic crisis, however, people are still spending money and buying goods, even if it’s only the essentials. Those goods don’t magically appear on supermarket shelves; they make their way there courtesy of the transport industry and the tens of thousands of truck drivers that travel the highways. We live in an interesting period when it comes to industries like the transport industry. Demand for its services are slowly rising whilst the number of truck drivers working the industry is slowly dropping, mainly because of age – our truck drivers are growing old and retiring, and we’re not replacing them quickly enough.

A report this week through KETV7 in Omaha highlights the plight of the transport industry in Nebraska where there are hundreds of unfilled jobs for truck drivers. Nebraska is not the only state feeling the pinch. Many other states report shortages in the number of new drivers coming in to the industry, and this is having a roll-on effect to other industries – they simply can’t get the raw materials or parts required when time comes simply because of bottlenecks caused by truck driver shortages.

If you’re looking for a new career, it’s hard to go past truck driving. Truck drivers are well paid and have reasonably good work conditions. These days, a truck drivers’ “office space” is full of mod cons making the job itself so much easier, and the compulsory rest stops very comfortable. There is plenty of work in all areas of the industry, however, the biggest shortfall is in the interstate long distance truck driver section.

Long distance truck drivers do have life a little more difficult compared to local truck drivers, however, those who are driving long distance admit a level of addiction to the position – they get to see the country from a great position in the cab. They also enjoy the privacy that comes with long distance driving. Looking for a career change – right now there are few careers that are desperate for new recruits – the trucking industry certainly is, and truck driver training only takes five weeks.

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