Trashmen – Love or Hate Them

//Trashmen – Love or Hate Them

Trashmen. We all have seen them. We know the basic duties they perform. A trashman’s primary role is to either ride on or drive a garbage truck to collect trash along the assigned route and collect trash from businesses and residences. Sometimes there is automated trash pickup, where the driver operates an electronic lift that empties dumpsters or trash receptacles into the truck. At other times, a worker must lift the receptacles and dump them by hand into the truck.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, garage collectors in the United States had a median salary of $35,270 during 2016. On the top end of the spectrum, about 10 percent of garbage collectors earned around $60,500 annually while at the lower end, the lowest paid earned $20,650 per year. Trashmen provide a service that communities need. Without trashmen, everyone would be responsible for ensuring their trash gets to the dump or landfill., and the trash piles could quickly accumulate.

Training for Garbage Truck Drivers

You can’t just step into the role of a trashman and know what to do. You will have to undergo specialized training. Waste management services drivers need to obtain a CDL, so they must go to truck driver training school. You will also need to know how to operate the automated equipment for lifting dumpsters and trash receptacles. With the proper training, you are much more likely to get a job in the field and you are much more likely to get higher pay.

Trashmen fill a needed role, and the job is in demand. Diesel Truck Driver Training School has offered training for almost 60 years. Offering financial assistance and accepting military benefits, we have helped hundreds of individuals obtain their CDLs and get other specialty training they need to enter new career fields. To learn more about our training programs, call (800) 332-7364 today!

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