Truck Driver Careers And Families

//Truck Driver Careers And Families

Every job has an affect on our families. If you work shift work, there are problems related to sleeping when working overnight and this can impact the way a family goes about its business on those days. There are other jobs that, whilst normal on a day-to-day basis, often involve being called out at odd hours – think about tradespeople, doctors and lawyers. Truck driving is no different, a career as a truck driver will have some impact on your family, depending on the type of truck driving you do. Long distance drivers often spend days if not weeks away from their families. Local drivers may start work very early in the morning and be home before the kids get home from school.

It’s important to discuss how a potential career change impacts a family well before deciding on that career. Most families handle change reasonably well, if not immediately, then over time. It can be a good idea to talk to other truck drivers and their families wherever possible just to get an insight into how a career change will affect everyone. You can visit a local truck stop or trucking company to meet drivers, however, the easiest approach is to talk to truck driver trainers who have worked in the industry, and you’ll find them at most truck driver training schools.

One of the big benefits of the 21st century is technology. We used to laugh at people like Maxwell Smart and his ‘smart’ shoe phone – now, the ‘smart phone’ is real (just not in your shoe). Wireless internet technology has made it easier to stay in contact with family members too. Although there are truck driving jobs that take you away from family, most companies recognize the importance of families, so they provide driving rosters that provide as much ‘home’ time as possible whilst still meeting the company’s needs.

Considering a career change? Truck driving can be a lucrative career choice and we’ll be only to happy to discuss with you the job requirements, how to train to become a truck driver, and how a truck driving career may impact on your family. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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