Truck Driver Safety Relies Heavily On Decision Making Skills

//Truck Driver Safety Relies Heavily On Decision Making Skills

Driving has always been an activity where spur of the moment decisions can either cause or prevent serious accidents. When it comes to truck driving, the same is true. However, some trucks are so big that decisions often need to be made up to a minute prior to an event if an incident is to be avoided. A minute may be an exaggeration, however, if you consider that some big rigs can take a hundred yards or more to stop, under full braking, then you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Traffic is always a problem for a truck driver, especially on multi-lane roads through towns. Add in traffic lights and you have the potential for a truck driver’s nightmare. As a driver, you can gauge your speed and distance to the next set of traffic lights. However, what you can’t gauge is what the drivers around you are going to do. I am sure you have seen lane hoppers as you drive around – these are the vehicles that cause real problems for truck drivers as they hop in and out of lanes, often reducing a safe braking distance to a close call.

Highways are no different with vehicles tail-gating, trying to overtake when they shouldn’t, and pulling in front of a heavily laden truck, then quickly reducing speed. Truck drivers are often caught in what could be a hair raising situation for an inexperienced driver. For experienced drivers, it’s a situation that calls for fast and effective decision making skills. A truck driver is a little like a chess player, always thinking several moves in advance, including a range of possibilities. A truck driver also takes into account their truck’s capabilities, and their own skills. Put together, most truck drivers avert any serious situation, multiple times each day.

We can deliver the best truck driver training in the country. We can even teach you how to predict certain events and how to prevent accidents. However, it takes plenty of practice and time on the road to really develop the decision making skills required to make a successful truck driving career. If you have driven a car safely, then you’ll soon pick up the skills associated with truck driving safety.

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