Truck Driver Training Doesn’t Have To Break The Budget

//Truck Driver Training Doesn’t Have To Break The Budget

The financial rewards gained in a career such as truck driving make the costs of training a great investment. While many feel that learning to drive a truck is out of their reach, the reality is often very different. There are a lot of government programs available that can be accessed to help pay for your truck driver training. Your eligibility will depend on your circumstances, of course, and the criteria does change from time to time.

Some of the government programs available include:

  • Dislocated Workers: Many states access The Workforce Investment Act to offer assistance to dislocated workers and people on public assistance. This assistance can be used to pay for training delivered by Eligible Training Providers.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: If you have been injured and are currently involved in a rehabilitation program, then you may find that funds are available for retraining in order to help you back into the workforce.
  • Trade Adjustment: The Trade Adjustment Act is designed to help those who have lost their jobs through international competition.
  • Veterans Benefits: There are wide ranging benefits to veterans and serving personnel. In some cases, family members may also be eligible for these training benefits.
  • Tribal Education: If you are a native American, then you should check with your tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs to see if you are eligible for tribal education benefits.

In most cases, the training provider will need to be classified as an Eligible Training Provider. The Diesel Truck Driver Training School meets this criteria as it is currently certified as an eligible training provider under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) in many states. If you need assistance in determining your eligibility in your state, feel free to contact us.

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