Truck Driver Training For Heavy Equipment Operators

//Truck Driver Training For Heavy Equipment Operators

When looking through job sites, there is one thing that is really standing out – employers are either looking for truck drivers with heavy equipment operator skills or heavy equipment operators that also have truck driving skills. It does make sense in this modern world – multi-skilled workers are now preferred by employers because of the versatility they bring. There is never a ‘quiet’ time for these workers; they can be moved from equipment to truck and back again whenever required.

For operators (or drivers), being multi-skilled has a number of benefits. First, you’re not going to be bored since you’ll be operating a range of equipment and trucks. A second benefit is probably more important – you’re not likely to be the first laid off during quiet periods. Employers value multi-skilled employees and will try to hang onto them for as long as possible.

If you are skilled in the operation of heavy equipment and you’re looking to expand your employment options, then adding a commercial drivers license to your repertoire makes a lot of sense. The two skills fit together very neatly, a factor well recognized by today’s employers. You can also add further training such as HAZWOPER, which will open employment options for both truck driving and heavy equipment operations in the hazardous waste industry.

Employers want mult-skilled employees, just check many of the job vacancies that are being advertised these days. If you don’t have any secondary skills like truck driving, then now is the best time to gain them. Fall is a transition period as construction in some regions drop off in preparation for winter, and heavy equipment operators switch their focus to winter based equipment like snow plows. Add those extra skills, and you will find your employment options much broader, and your pay check just a little fatter each month.

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