Truck Driver Training Includes Parts And Equipment Knowledge

//Truck Driver Training Includes Parts And Equipment Knowledge

There’s a lot more to driving a truck than just sitting behind a wheel and going from A to B. Truck drivers are required to have a knowledge of the parts and equipment that make a truck run smoothly. Tires and wheels, brakes, warning and indicator lights are common to both cars and trucks, and easy to understand. When it comes to tractors and trailers, it’s not quite the same as hooking your boat up to the family car.

Coupling and uncoupling is a fairly simple task to those who are well trained and experienced. For novices, just knowing where to start can be complicated. Safety is an important consideration so knowing where it is safe to uncouple also becomes an issue.

As a truck driver, you need to be aware of what air brakes are as opposed to traditional brakes, and when either should be used. In residential neighborhoods, the sleeping residents often take a dim view of truck drivers applying their air brakes in the middle of the night. Air brakes do not react in the same manner as a car type brakes. Air brakes have a lag between pushing the pedal and taking effect, often as much as half a second. That’s a long time when you need to stop quickly.

While you can learn to drive a truck from almost any truck driver, it is the finer points of being a professional truck driver that will be missing. Understanding the various components that go into a truck are an important part of a truck driver’s role. When there is a problem, they need to be able to report that problem clearly in a language that a truck mechanic can understand.

To become a truly professional truck driver, you need to source your training from a truly professional truck driver training organization. You can be sure then that you are graduating with all the knowledge needed to be a quality truck driver.

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