Truck Driver Training Options To Consider

//Truck Driver Training Options To Consider

When you commence truck driver training, there are a number of options available to you. These center around endorsements you may need to consider. Endorsements are additional ‘qualifications’ that are noted on your commercial drivers license. The most common endorsement is the hazardous materials endorsement (also known as a HazMat endorsement).

The hazardous materials endorsement is not the only endorsement to consider. The complete list of endorsements contains:

  • T – Double/Triple Trailers Endorsement
  • P – Passenger Endorsement
  • N – Tank Vehicle Endorsement
  • X – Combination of Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Materials Endorsement
  • S – School Bus Endorsement
  • H – Hazardous Materials

Why are these training options? Each endorsement has a set criteria that must be met before you are eligible to have it added to your CDL. In most cases, that criteria includes a theory test that must be passed. During your training you will be given the opportunity to gain that knowledge in order to pass the test.

Should you access those training options? It’s up to you, however, the more endorsements you have, the more employable you are. The hazardous materials and double/triple trailer endorsements are fairly important if you want to be a long distance truck driver.

Do these training options cost extra? In most cases the cost of your training should include license endorsements.

Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools provide a complete package that includes training in both theoretical and practical truck driving skills. You can opt to study these areas yourself and attend a shorter driving skills course – you will need to acquire your truck driving permit first. If you attend our five week truck driver training course you will be trained in both theory and practical skills, taken through the theoretical tests to acquire your truck driving permit, then, when your ready, taken through the practical driving test. Endorsements are recommended if you want to cover all basis for your future employment.

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